Introduction of PRO-SUPRA INTERNATIONAL CORP: Since the inception of our company over ten years ago, PRO-SUPRA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION , under the leadership of our President, Mr. Jack Lee, has become one of the world's leading manufactures of exercise and fitness equipment. The PRO-SUPRA line of fitness products as well as the private-label products we manufacture are now exported to over fifty (50) countries throughout Europe, North & South America, Asia and middle east. Our home gyms, sit up benches, weight benches, treadmills, exercise cycles, rowing machines, steppers, climbers, massagers, ab trimmer, ab rolling exerciser, aero walker, slide running walker, fitness horse rider, and accessories receive high commendation and praise by fitness enthusiasts and consumers the world over PRO-SUPRA is recognized as a company which supplies a high quality product with customer satisfaction and value as the primary considerations and guiding principles. This year, our factory has been expanded into 15,000 square meter state-of-the ¡Vart facility in order to keep up with the increasing demands for PRO-SUPRA fitness products in TAIWAN, also we also invested factories in CHINA. At every point along the automated assembly lines, painstaking detail and attention is given in order to achieve high standards of quality control unequaled in this industry. PRO-SUPRA constantly strives to produce the newest, best, and most innovative products available to the fitness and exercise market. We most certainly welcome the opportunity to manufacture a particular design of equipment, which you may have. The growth of PRO-SUPRA in large measure has been due to the policy and attitude that our dealers, importers, and other associates are indeed, our friends as well.

Pilate Equipment

Pro-Supra International Corp. believes that customer service is the most important aspect of our business, and we want to be there whenever and wherever you need us. Use our experience to help you meet your Pilate Equipment and Accessories requirements consistently and competitively.


Function Door Gym

*Tube(Tpr):11.5mm x 2.0mm x 127cm:2pcs
*With Dvd
*Multi function door attachment,which can attach
  on anywhere of door,user can have front,side
  and back stretch and expand



Function Door Gym

*Tube(Tpr):12mm x 3.5mm x 64cm:2pcs
*Multi function door attachment,by adding 6 pieces
  of attachments,users can have different exercise
*Door attachment can be placed on different areas;
  users also can adjust the quantity and size of
  resistance tubes to have different exercise effect



Multi Gym Trainer

*The sling trainer is functional exercises for the
  whole body,whether indoors or outdoors. the straps
  with length indicator which you can adjust the length
  of the rope according your requirement
*It is perfect and highly effective training device for
  all your body's muscles


Ankle Strap

  11mm x 2.0mm x 25cm(Red)
  12mm x 2.5mm x 25cm(Gray)


Jelly Toe

*Stretch,revive & exercise your toes
*Improve strength and flexibility of the toes
*Better balance and performance in athletes


Combat Rope



*These ropes are the best choice for a gym or
  indoor training(can be used outside also).They are
  braided rope and do not shed, and is non-abrasive
  making them perfect for indoor use
*Battling training ropes feature a plastic boot
  on each end to prevent fraying



Abdominal Wheel With Pad

*Most effective movements for your whole body,
  arms, shoulders and abdominal.
*Your knees fit on the knee pads gently and well,
  your training posture also will stabilize.
*You can enjoy tube training to exercise bicep,
  shoulder and pectoral major muscle.
*Total training of the whole body can be done as you like.


Exercise Wheel


*Electroplate on wheels


Incline Push Up Bar

*Well design hand grip will be held comfortably
  during applying.
*The hand grip is made by soft material which
  make you comfortable and effective.
Pro-Supra International Corp. is the global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance Exercise Equipment and Pilate Equipment in Taiwan. We are committed to our products that are cost effective, durable, and offers a high return on investment. We will do our best to help you find the material you require, and can provide advice and guidance or direct you to someone who can.