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0.8 ~ 2.0 Hp Dc Motor


Motorized Treadmill

*Motor :
  DC 1.5 HP (Continous)
  DC 3.0 HP (Peak)
*Speed Range : 1.0~18 Km/h
*With Bluetooth Speaker
*Incline : 15% Automatic
*With 7 Numbers windows &
  Touch screen LED Display
*Display Panel Size : 65 x 20.5 CM
*Display Readout :
  Hand Pulse,Body Fat,Speed,Time,Program,
  Distance and Calorie
*With 15 Fixed Programs : P1~P15
*With 3 Custom Programs : U1~U3
*Foldable way : The Hydraulic-assisted
*With damping system
*With safety lock system
*Wheels for moving easily
*E1 is representative of formaldehyde market board
  Released a limited level of environmental standards,
  E1 is an european healthy standard
*E1 formaldehyde release is less than 1.5MG/L,
  The E1 board can be directly used for indoor plate
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*Running Area : 49x140 CM
*Belt Thickness : 0.16 CM
*Running Board :
  18mm E1 MDF Board with hight density,
  High elasticity and high intensity
*Assembly Size : 177 x 82.2 x 140 CM
*Folding Size : 112.2 x 82.2 x 153.7 CM
*Carton Size : 186.5 x 88 x 32.5 CM
*Max User Weight : 150 kgs
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Made In Ningbo,China

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