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Abdominal Shaper


Core Trainer

*With handlebar
*Core trainer fits for everyone who wants to train
  the minnle section muscle comprehensively and
*Core trainer is finalized according to professional
  level fitness equipment equipment
  and it is easy and safe to use.
*Special attention has been paid to supporting the
  neck and back
*Core trainer's comprehensive workout tones every
  muscle group on your middle dection;core muscle,
  upper and lower abdominals,oblique abdominals 
  and muscles in lower back
*Mowement is based on the resistance
  that is created both ways,up and down.
*Production size: 65 x 56.5 x 73 cm
*Packing size: 69 x 20 x 40 cm
Port Of Shipment

Made In Ningbo,China