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Spinning Bike


Spin Bike

*With Meter(with Launcher)
*About Launcher-
  1)Lcd Size:131x67mm
  2)With usb charger
  3)System:servo motor
  4)Console size:280x205x66mm
  5)Resistance level:16/32
                    manual/user program/12 programs
  7)Compatible with iOS and Android system
     via Bluetooth
  8)Compatible for iBiking

*Flywheel Weight: CNC 20kgs(Real weight)
*Flywheel Dia: 46 cm
*Transmission system: Belt
*Adjustable handlebar:Yes,vertical & horizontal adjusted
  W/Quick release knob
*Pedal: Aluminum, W/balanced & straps
*Bearing: Two-Way Bearing
*W/Pu seat
*Crank arm: 3pcs
*Vertical adjusted: Plating
  W/Quick release L shape knob
*Horizontal adjusted: Plating
  W/Quick release L shape knob
*Tension knob: Continuous tension
*Brake: Non-woven cliper brake
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*Main frame: Oval 40x80x T2.0
*Front stabilizer: Oval 80x40x T1.5x500
*Rear stabilizer: Oval 80x40 x T1.5 x500
*Front post: Rectangular 75x12x516
*Handle bar: φ 25 dipping
*Seat post: Oval 30x70x T1.5x385
*Max user weight: 125Kgs
*Assembly size: 107x54x106cm
*Carton size: 102x19.5x84cm
Port Of Shipment

Made In Xiamen,China