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Air Bike,Air Walker


Air Bike

*Dual Action G2,use gas spring,a new
  generation dual action exercise bike
*A very compact build domestic exercise bike,
  occupies only a small space
*Advantang of the gas spring-
  1.This gas spring produces constantly a resistance
      force of 10kg that the actual measurement of the
      calorie burn of the user become possible,this is a
      help to the people who is under the rehabilitation
  2.Handlebar rowing action with a device of the gas
      spring assures a very smooth movement
  3.The gas spring is replaceable if necessary
*Dual Action-
  1.Good feeling of rowing
  2.Hanldebar to be pulled in with the force but it returns
      back automatically, an efficient workout
  3.Handlebar can be set in a fixed position for low
      body workout only
  4.When not in use,retract the handlebar and fix it,
      to be in store
  1.Fly Wheel Weight 4 kgs,with high sprocket ratio that
      makes a very smooth cycling movement
  2.Driven by the belt,silence
  Adjustable tnesion strap with the control knob
*Resistance Control-
  Adjustable wool resistance strap with the control knob
*Seat Height-
  Handlebar height are adjustable
*Alloy pedal arms
*Fitness monitor W/5 functions:
  Speed,Time,Distance,Approximated Calorie Burn and Scan
*Handelbar height: 104/107/110cm(3 positions)
*Seat height: 75~95cm(7 positions)
*Set up dimensions:77x50x107cm
*Carton size: 66x20x66cm
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Made In Taiwan