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Dual Action Bike

*Advance,the new device of gas cylinder
  is the first time to be introduced into the fitness cycle,
  the PLATINUM GS series, then a new generation
  of the dual action world it begins.
*The rowing movement of the handle bar
  operates with a gas cylinder.
*The advanced ideas and techs can be found
  all over the GS series, compact, solid and unique,
  it takes only a small space at home.
*Unique super slim design on its main body,
  only 8 cm wide.
Advantage of the gas spring
1.The gas cylinder operates like a gas spring,
    it produces constantly a resistance force of 5 kgs,
    and that the actual measurement of the calorie burn
    of the user become possible, this is a help to the
    people who is under the rehabilitation treatment.
2.The operation of the gas spring assures a very
    smooth and soundless movement.
3.The handle bar will always return to its starting place
    automatically because of the gas spring.
*Multi functions
1. Rowing movement for the upper body workout while
    cycling for the low body workout.
*Cycling feature:
1.Fly wheel :
     > Fly wheel weights 4 kgs,
        with high sprocket ratio that makes a very smooth cycling movement.      
     > Driven by the belt, soundless.
2. Resistance: Adjustable tension strap with the control knob.
3. Seat height, handlebar height are adjustable.
4. Alloy pedal arms.
5. Fitness monitor with 5 functions,
*Max user Weight: 100 kgs
*Set up dimensions:75x52x120cm
*Carton size: 71x21x65cm
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Made In Taiwan